ERLQ 6700 / 7101

Abrasion-resistantCorrosion protectiveFibre-reinforcedHigh-buildImpact-resistantSolvent-freeSurface-tolerant
Blasted steelSteel

EPOBARR is a unique super high-build, fiber-reinforced, solvent-free epoxy compound. Applicable on tight rust or hand and power tool cleaned surfaces, even in damp condition or in highly humid environments - EPOBARR is an ultra surface tolerant repair solution for corrosion-prone problem hotspots. Fast-drying and with excellent penetrating properties, EPOBARR offers permanent protection against rust. Applicable by spatula, roller, or brush. EPOBARR is solvent-free with 100 % solid volume content - a perfect product for application in confined areas without the need for expensive ventilation. Wilckens EPOBARR is a permanent epoxy repair coating successfully applied in marine and industrial projects since 1990.